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APRIL 2013: How time flies! For the last couple of months we've been incredibly busy organising a special event at The Forge in Camden - a collaboration between Busnoys, composer Paul Robinson, and artist Maria Hayes. The gig is not too far away now: Sunday April 21st, doors open at 7. More details here: hope you can join us! And for an interview with Martin Pyne about the event, check out the April 5th entry for Sarah Walker's Blog: here.

JANUARY 2013: Happy New Year! We're busy preparing for the next of our Tallguy Live Music Nights, to be held at The Forester's Arms in Egham on Saturday February the 9th. It's a jazz night, and we're delighted to announce that singer Nette Robinson is now on board, joining a trio of Cheryl King (sax and piano), Marianne Windham (bass) and Martin Pyne (drums and vibes). It will be a very special night - looking forward to it, and hope we might see you there.

Tickets are already available for the major Busnoys multimedia event at Camden's leading venue, The Forge, on April 21st. It's cheaper if you book: click here for more details.

In the meantime,check out these great pictures taken of Busnoys by photographer Sheryl Tait. We think they're magnificent! 


DECEMBER 2012: Lots to report: since our last update, things have been really busy here at TGR. Busnoys were delighted to open the Ether Festival and had a hugely enjoyable gig with lots of positive feedback from both the audience and the organisers. A photoshoot was arranged for the band with top photographer Sheryl Tait - the results will be in our gallery soon. Fiona Talkington of BBC Radio 3's Late Junction has given more airplay to the band and may have an interesting project up her sleeve. We've also been busy organising a major Busnoys event at The Forge in Camden in April 2013 - a collaboration with composer Paul Robinson and artists Maria Hayes and Sheena Macrae. More details to follow. And Tallguy Live Music Nights will be returning on February the 9th, with a modern jazz night featuring bass player Marianne Windham, alto sax player Cheryl King, and Martin Pyne on drums vibes.

JULY 2012:  We're delighted that Tallguy band Busnoys have been invited to appear at the Ether Festival at London's South Bank: Friday 12th of October is the date to watch, we'll give you more details as soon as we can. Busnoys have also been asked back to Cafe Jazz in Cardiff on Thursday September 27th. Two Autumn gigs to look forward to! 

Busnoys: Jeff, Martin, Trevor 

 JUNE 2012: Our latest album, By Tapering Torchlight, has been selected as Download of the Day for 12th June on the jazz review site, All About Jazz. Also this month - you can now enjoy Busnoys on YouTube: check out videos of Busnoys hits San Angelo, Oom? PAH!, Caged, and Song for Grace Melbury. Many thanks to Map Cafe for filming the gig.

Busnoys at Map Cafe 

MAY 2012:  Busnoys' new album, By Tapering Torchlight, was launched on 10th May with a fantastic gig at London's Map Cafe. Tallguyrecords co-founder Sarah Walker hosted the gig, and Martin Pyne introduced the numbers. We're delighted the album has had such a great response. Thanks in particular to Fiona Talkington and Max Reinhardt of Late Junction for featuring the new album on two separate occasions - some of the audience at our launch had learned about the band through the Radio 3 show. The album is also doing well further afield - one of America's biggest online magazines, All About Jazz, has given Busnoys a great review: read it here!

APRIL 2012:  We're really pleased that the latest Tallguy album, Busnoys' By Tapering Torchlight (due out on the 1st of May), has been described as "incredibly engaging" by the British Jazz Blog! It was great to see Jim Barr (former Busnoys bassist and the album's engineer) with his band Get The Blessing at Ronnie Scott's (two nights - Jim described the gigs as The Two Ronnies). Fantastic gigs. Meanwhile, Busnoys were joined by Tallguy artist Sarah Walkerfor a gig in the Dame Cicely Saunders Concert Series at St Christopher's Hospice in London earlier this month. The musicians enjoyed some fabulous hospitality - thanks to Tamsin, Nigel and Tom for making us so welcome. 

MARCH 2012: Great news for Tallguy Records - the title track of Busnoys' new album, By Tapering Torchlight, is being featured on BBC Radio 3's Late Junction on Thursday, March 22nd. The album's launch party has been announced: it'll be held at MAP Studio Cafe, Kentish Town, on May 10th - hope to see you there! We're also delighted this month to be contacted by CD Baby, who've sold out of Tallguy CDs and have requested more. It's great to know we have fans as far away as Tokyo and Prague.

FEB 2012:  Busnoys have been enjoying getting together the artwork for their new album,By Tapering Torchlight (mentioned in our December newsflash, below). Taking their cue from the medieval composer, Busnoys, the band have been working with images of tiles from Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire.Here's a sneak preview:                              

The album should look as stunning as it this space for the release date, coming soon! (And don't forget you can contact the band: 

JAN 2012:  Martin Pyne is now on Twitter. Keep up to date with his news, with all the latest on Busnoys, by following Martin: @MartinPyne 

DEC 2011:  Busnoys have just recorded their latest album, By Tapering Torchlight, a sequence of exciting new compositions by Martin Pyne, all featuring the band's trademark eclecticism, quirkiness and sonic beauty. Former Busnoys bassist Jim Barr acted as sound engineer in his own J & J studios, and current bassist Geoff Spencer has been busy mixing the album and making suggestions for the order of tracks. Martin is hoping to make the final decisions before Christmas...though he's been busy with lots of other projects, including a gig with Tony Woods and Nette Robinson at The Bull's Head in Barnes. The trio first got together at our latest series of Tallguy Live Music Nights and it's great to see that the project is continuing! One highlight of the gig was a new composition by Tony, setting poetry by the late Michael Garrick, a close colleague of both Tony and Nette. They're appearing on Radio 3 on Christmas Day in a special edition of Jazz Line Up, devoted to Michael's Peter Pan Suite. There's an exclusive interview with Nette, all about her experience of working with Michael Garrick, on Sarah Walker's blog: click here to check it out.

NOV 2011:  Harmonie Band have just returned from a highly enjoyable tour of Wales, playing in cinemas all around the country from Swansea and Cardiff to Bangor and Mold. Paul Robinson's original score to Nosferatu was a big hit on Halloween Night, as it was at our TGR Live Music Nights last year - although the audiences of Wales were more inclined to dress up than the Egham folk... 

Harmonie Band and a Halloween-costumed concert organiser celebrate another Nosferatu 

OCT 2011:  More good news for Busnoys - the band have been invited to play at the Stables Theatre, Wavendon next May. As a former student of the Laine Dankworth Centre, and a big believer in the Dankworths' open-minded approach to music from all traditions, Martin Pyne is thrilled at the prospect of playing at the Stables. We'll give you more news on the programme as the date approaches - Tuesday 8th May 2012 is definitely one for your diary. 

SEPT 2011: TGR band Busnoys are busy planning a UK tour later this year. Dates confirmed so far include Aberystwyth University School of Art Gallery on November 11th, Luna Lounge in London on November 27th, and The Rose of Denmark, Bristol, on December 15th. Martin Pyne is busy preparing new material for the tour, taking inspiration from Bob Marley and...Busnoys! For more details on the gigs, click here


Busnoys himself

AUGUST 2011: We were delighted to read a fantastic review of Busnoys' San Angelo album in the magazine Jazz UK."Busnoys offer an intelligent, imaginative combination of vibes, bass guitar and drums. Recalling Gary Burton's sixties group with Steve Swallow, this is a genuinely contemporary record that should appeal to new as well as established jazz fans." Many thanks to reviewer Duncan Heining for that - and to the many fans who've ordered the album from CDBaby. We had to send another supply of CDs off to Oregon, as they've been flying off the shelves! 

By the way, the easiest way to check out the "beautiful sounds of Busnoys" (BBC Radio 3) is via the band's new Soundcloud page. Click here!

JULY 2011:  There's been a big surge of interest in TGR's albums since the Late Junction broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in May. We were delighted when a fan in San Angelo, Texas, got in touch to ask for Busnoys' San Angelo album, named after his home town. There's also been interest from Germany and the UK in the wake of the broadcast, so many thanks to Fiona Talkington and the LJ team for programming the title track!

The TGR studio pet monitors an album


Three Cane Whale performing at the latest series of TGR Live Music Nights

JUNE 2011:

The last in our current series of TGR Live Music Nights took place at the Forester's in Egham. Huge thanks to landlord Ray for having us. We were excited to launch a new combination of artists: joining Martin Pyne (vibes) were sax genius Tony Woods (recently featured on Radio 3's Jazz Line Up) and the multi-talented Nette Robinson,interpreting a broad range of songs by composers as diverse as Kate Bush and Henry Purcell. Nette gave a stunning performance of Purcell's Evening Hymn, with Tony supplying the ground bass and Martin adding jazz inflections to the harmonies. It was also great to welcome back singer-songwriter Joseph Aquilina, on fine form with some great new material, including his own compelling reinterpretation of the Doors' classic, People Are Strange. Thanks to all involved.

Joseph Aquilina, performing at the latest of our TGR Live Music Nights

 MAY 2011:

Maria Hayes' artwork comes to life behind the silhouette of Geoff Spencer's bass

Maria Hayes creating new digital paintings in response to the cool sounds of Busnoys: Martin Pyne on vibes, Geoff Spencer, bass, and Trevor Davies, drums

Tallguy Records are delighted that Radio 3's Late Junction team have broadcast the title track from San Angelo, Busnoys' latest album, on Tuesday 24th May. Thanks to Fiona Talkington for featuring the album. Our next gig has just taken place, on the 21st: artist Maria Hayes joined Busnoys at the Forester's in Egham - she created gorgeous new works of art in response to the live music. Maria worked digitally, and her art was projected on a big screen. It was fascinating to watch the pictures evolve! We also enjoyed playing host to Canadian singer-songwriter Jimmy Goodrich who visited us at our last series of gigs. To find out more about Saturday's gig, click here to go to our Live Music page, or download a flyer here!

APRIL 2011: Things have been busy behind the scenes here at TGR - our next series of TGR Live Music Nights has been planned! The first gig is on April 30th - Bristol-based band Three Cane Whale are coming to The Foresters in Egham, and in between their two sets there'll be belly dancing from the fabulous Nette Robinson, with live music from Tony Woods and Martin Pyne. Click here to go to our Live Music page, or download a flyer here!

DECEMBER 2010:  You can now buy Tallguy albums from Broad Street Jazz in Bath (11 Broad Street, BA1 5LJ, telephone 01225 427494, email: jt at They're one of the best jazz shops around - check out their website:

NOVEMBER 2010:  we've now burned through two of our Tallguy Live Music Nights! Both gigs went extremely well, great thanks to Busnoys, Joseph Aquilina, Paul Robinson's Harmonieband and Angela Dijksman for providing fantastic music and a lovely atmosphere. Even the regular punters at the Foresters in Egham couldn't resist peeking through the door to get a glimpse of the classic 20's film Nosferatu, chillingly accompanied by Paul, with Martin Pyne on percussion and Dai Pritchard on winds. And it was great to hear Dai joining Angela and Sarah to provide a magical, off-the-cuff flute solo in their arrangement of Misty. Looking forward to December's gig - Bristol band Eyebrow will be here, and sax genius Tony Woods joins Martin for the middle set. Click here for more info!

Also, this month sees the launch of a brand new website for Sarah Walker, TGR's house pianist and MC for our Live Music Nights. Click here to find out more, and don't forget to check out Sarah's Creativity Blog.

OCTOBER 2010:  The first of our live gigs approaches! First gig coming up on Saturday 23rd October. Click on our TGR Live Music Nights page to get the full details. More good news this month - TGR's album of Piano Music by Dave Smith, played by Sarah Walker, has received another broadcast from BBC Radio 3 - many thanks to presenter Fiona Talkington and producer Philip Tagney for playing Bossa Nova on their award-winning show, Late Junction.

SEPTEMBER 2010:  TGR have just released their latest album, by trio Busnoys. The atmospheric title track, San Angelo, is an original composed by Martin Pyne and inspired by Cormac McCarthy's Tex-Mex novel, All the Pretty Horses

Click here to learn more about Busnoys, and here to buy the album.                         

AUGUST 2010: TGR is excited to release the final details of its new project, Tallguy Live Music Nights. The dates confirmed are Saturday October 23rd, featuring the bands Busnoys and Aquilina; Saturday November 13th, featuring two silent films with live music composed by Paul Robinson of Harmonie Band, along with a selection of standards sung by Angela Dijksmann accompanied by Sarah Walker; and finally, Saturday December 11th, featuring the Bristol band Eyebrow, and saxophone virtuoso Tony Woods in his new duo with Martin Pyne. Click on our Live Music page to learn more about the gigs, which are all happening at the Foresters Arms in Egham.

JULY 2010: TGR studios have played host to the leading silent film accompanist, Stephen Horne, recording soundtracks to a sequence of Charlie Chaplin films. Stephen's ability to follow the manic pace of the films is quite extraordinary - the entire soundtrack is improvised, and his expressive vocabulary knows no bounds! Learn more about Stephen at his brilliant new website.

JUNE 2010: Martin's Album,  7 Pictures,  with original artwork by Maria Hayes, has received a three-star reveiw from Jazzwise magazine: "The feeling is that if Pyne, percussionist and co-leader of Dangerous Kitchen, was from Oslo rather thanb Egham, his vivid, engaging jazztronica (with contributions from clarinetist Dai Pritchard and Stan Sulzmann among others) could well be making more headlines." 

...and for more stunning artwork, check out Maria Hayes' website.

MAY 2010: Tallguyrecords is planning its own series of live music events, to be held this Autumn in the label's home town of Egham, Surrey, at the Forester's Arms. Artists for the opening night have just been confirmed: jazz trio Busnoys will play two sets, and there will be a guest appearance from vocalist/guitarist Joseph Aquilina. The date to remember: Saturday 23rd October. Watch this space for more information!

Busnoys - coming to Egham this Autumn

APRIL 2010: You can now purchase a copy of the latest Tallguy records release, Piano Music by Dave Smith played by Sarah Walker. Click here  to buy the CD or for more background info. 

MARCH 2010: The latest Tallguy Records release, Piano Music by Dave Smith played by Sarah Walker, has been aired on BBC Radio 3. Tallguy sent Breakfast presenter Rob Cowan a preview copy, and Rob was so taken with the CD that he played a track - Maxixe - on his show on Wednesday 10th March. The album will be available from CDBaby from April 2010.

Click here for Sarah's biog.

FEBRUARY 2010: Busnoys now have a Myspace site - click here for more info on the trio. Busnoys' premiere album will be available in Summer 2010.

JANUARY 2010: Martin's Bristol-based trio, Busnoys, have recorded their first album at Jim Barr's studio. The album includes several of Martin's tunes, including San Angelo, a beautifully melodic "imaginary film score" inspired by the Cormac McCarthy's novel, All The Pretty Horses. The studio session took place in a fairytale world of snow - Martin made the car journey from Egham to Bristol in the heaviest day of it, despite warnings to stay at home! The album was just too important!

NOVEMBER 2009: Martin Pyne's latest collaboration has taken him to Bristol, where he's formed a trio with bassist Jim Barr and drummer Trevor Davies. The three have worked together in other formats for several years - Tallguy albums Long Voyage Home and Seven Pictures were both mastered in Jim's studio. Martin has long been a fan of Jim's bands, Portishead and Get the Blessing, and admires Trevor's work with several performing ensembles. The trio's debut gig took place in November 2009 at El Rincon, Bristol - known to locals as The Rink. The first album is already brewing. Martin has bought a brand new vibraphone in celebration of the new venture, and is looking for a home for the old one - Jim's studio being its possible destination!


The new vibraphone on its first job - recording Busnoys' premiere album